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Sophie Studio


Identity system created for a printmaking studio, reflecting the artistic process of printing. The project included one primary wordmark with two accompanying logos inspired by the studio’s work and the founder’s handwriting—all used to represent their ever-changing practice. All print assets live on translucent paper, alluding to the use of tracing paper for transferring drawings.


After “The Wild”

Exhibition Graphics

Exhibition graphics, booklet, and advertising designed for After “The Wild”: Contemporary Art from the Barnett and Annalee Newman Foundation Collection at the Jewish Museum. The title and wall text take inspiration from Betty Parsons Gallery’s signage—where Barnett Newman had his first solo show. The exhibition featured the work of 47 contemporary artists, all recipients of The Barnett and Annalee Newman Foundation Award. Designed in collaboration with Yeliz Secerli.


Souvenirs in Space


Souvenirs in Space is an exploration of place, identity, and nostalgia, as named on the booklet’s cover. This saddle-stitch book brings together a range of artwork across painting, photography, and printmaking, separated by series and accompanied by text on the ideas and themes of each series.


Marta Minujín: Arte! Arte! Arte!


Print and digital campaign to promote a survey exhibition of Marta Minujín at the Jewish Museum. Taking inspiration from Minujín’s interactive work—primarily Implosión—the digital ads were designed to reflect the artist’s overwhelming use of motion and color in her most recent work. Designed with creative direction from Yeliz Secerli and support from Lihao Zhu and Claire Zhang.


PopShift Summit


Booklet designed for PopShift Summit, a virtual event in 2020 to provide participants with a tangible and memorable element of the event, during a very digital-heavy time. The event brought television writers and showrunners together to discuss creating a more inclusive and intersectional future for the entertainment industry.