Hi, I’m Lauren. I’m a graphic designer and a recent graduate from University of California, Los Angeles where I studied Art with a minor in Art History. I have previously worked as an intern for The Jewish Museum in New York, VICE Media, and NBCUniversal and I am currently available for new opportunities.

My interests within design include branding, typography, editorial, and book design, as well as the intersections between art and design.

Outside of design, I am currently fascinated by the relationship between witchcraft and feminism, Hito Steyerl’s Duty Free Art, the Northern Renaissance, and the fact that there are people who refuse to wear a mask in the middle of a pandemic.


Created for a typography course at UCLA with the focus of exploring typographic hierarchy and layout. Vintage photographs were used in reference to the history of the games, while vibrant colors were chosen to show the excitement of it. For this assignment, students could only use Helvetica and two colors, plus black or white.

These posters were chosen as finalists for the Graphic Design Student Work category in the 2020 Communication Arts Annual.