Hi, I’m a Graphic Designer based in New York City. I graduated from University of California, Los Angeles in 2020, where I studied Art and Art History and I am now working as a Designer for Artisan Council, while also doing freelance work for design studios and non profits. Previously, I’ve worked at The Jewish Museum in New York, VICE Media, and Bravo within NBCUniversal.

My main interests within design include typography, archives, branding, and publication design, as well as the intersections between art and design.

Big fan of to-do lists, lists in general, Hieronymus Bosch, the relationship between witchcraft and feminism, weird art, and really chubby typefaces.



A photography series created with guidance from Cathy Opie in a photography course at UCLA.

Access examines nostalgia, as well as accessibility regarding memories attached to places. This is represented by juxtaposing blank, impersonal domestic spaces with open spaces in nature. These were created using film images of locations that have sentimental meaning to me and digital photographs of my apartment at the time––a place that held very little importance to me.

This series was selected as a winner for Student Fine Art in the Creative Quarterly Journal in 2020.