Hi, I’m a designer based in New York City who loves typography, archives, branding, publication design, and the intersections between art and design. I am currently a Graphic Designer at The Jewish Museum and have previously worked with Pentagram, Artisan Council, Cobalt, PopShift, VICE Media, and Grüer among others.

Big fan of to-do lists, lists in general, witchcraft and feminism, weird art, choosing books by their covers, and squished typefaces.



Logo and related materials created for a printmaking studio in Los Angeles to symbolize the artistic process of printing. This project is composed of one primary logo—shown across the studio’s printed matter—with two accompanying logos inspired by the artist’s work and handwriting. An icon was created, as well, from the primary logo and secondary logo, representing the layering of plates and colors when printing. The studio’s print assets live on translucent paper, reminiscent of tracing paper used by the artist to transfer drawings, allowing for a reflected image of the logo to show through from either side.