Hi, I’m Lauren. I’m a graphic designer and a recent graduate from University of California, Los Angeles where I studied Art with a minor in Art History. I have previously worked as an intern for The Jewish Museum in New York, VICE Media, and NBCUniversal, and now I’m working as a Design Assistant at Artisan Council while also working on freelance projects.

My main interests within design include branding, typography, archives, and books, as well as the intersections between art and design.

Big fan of to-do lists, lists in general, Hieronymus Bosch, the relationship between witchcraft and feminism, weird art, and really chubby typefaces.


Souvenirs in Space was created as part of a capstone project completed for a B.A. in Art from UCLA. This saddle-stitch booklet brings together most of the artwork I created in college, accompanied by text on my inspirations, ideas, and themes behind each series, most of which focus heavily on place, identity, and nostalgia, as named on the booklet’s cover.